Day 13: Grocery Store Fun with Kevin (AKA Keny)

What’s up everyone, it’s Gautham here! We started the day off very early with some mango, monaco biscuits, and toast with jam and butter. We had plans to travel to Barola early in the morning to meet Ramilaben in Nishal faliya before she left for work, so we were picked up by our driver and Rajeshbhai around 7:30 AM.

Ramilaben was very inviting, as always, and we had a great discussion about local materials and some of the design features that we had been developing. It was an informative conversation since we were able to speak with her son Ravi again and reconnect with her neighbor Janki, who we have gotten very close to during this trip!


After returning to the office we were able to sit down with Vipulbhai to discuss the overall logistics and details regarding the stoves expansion plan. It was really interesting to learn more about how he has been able to quickly develop relationships with so many community members in various villages. He provided insight on discussions that we had previously had with our different community partners, highlighting several minute details that we hadn’t picked up on but added a lot of context to those meetings. This was incredibly helpful for our team’s understanding and we are excited about the progress of expansion moving forward!

We all had a great nap on the car ride home, and we really enjoyed the delicious egg subji and lemon rice that Sanjay had prepared for us. After dinner Colby, Keny and I took a trip to the 7 Seas mall where we visited a grocery store called Big Bazaar. Here we all stocked up on delicious snacks while almost losing Keny in the aisles because she was so excited about the snacks. On the way back from the mall, we indulged in ice cream: Keny ordered a delicious rose flavor, while Colby and I got a chocolate cone. Finally we headed back home and fell asleep in the Baroda heat.

Keny after eating her elaichi (cardamom) cream biscuits
s2e19 kevin shopping
Strolling through the aisles of Big Bazaar

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