Day 16: Business Trip – Mumbai Edition

Hey everyone, it’s Gautham here! We started out the day super early on Monday because we needed to leave for Mumbai at 7AM. We quickly ate some puda (an Indian savory pancake) that Sanjay prepared, and left for our trip to Mumbai. Devna and Maitreyee joined us and then we were headed to the big city!

Once we arrived in Mumbai we were immediately hit by the heat and humidity (us Michigan kids aren’t used to that!). We hopped in a taxi and all headed towards our hotel Garware Club Hotel. This hotel is attached to Whankede stadium, a famous stadium where the Mumbai Indians play (an Indian Premier League Cricket Team). The hotel rooms were very spacious, and we saw an amazing bright blue pool which we would have loved to enjoy immediately. We felt like we were on a business trip just like Andy, Oscar and Michael when they visited Winnipeg, although we would like to think Mumbai is more fun than Winnipeg.


After resting for some time in our hotel rooms, we all headed to lunch at a restaurant on Marine Drive called Pizza by the Bay. It was a great Italian style restaurant, and I ended up eating a pizza and a half. We all really enjoyed being right by the ocean, and seeing old-style, double-decker buses driving by the restaurant.

After lunch, we headed back to the hotel for a quick siesta before dinner with Urja. She took us to an amazing Burmese restaurant that was located in the Colaba district. We had a great time tasting all the exotic fruit based drinks and burmese dishes.  We ate everything from spicy mango salad to khow suey and were exceedingly grateful to Urja for such an amazing dinner.  It was a great first day exploring and enjoying the city’s amazing food. At the end of the day, we headed back to the hotel to practice our presentation for ASB and get some sleep for the next day.


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