Day 14: Michael – No, Nisha – Says Goodbye

Hey everyone, Nisha here! My time on this May trip is unfortunately a bit shorter than the rest of the team. We started off my last day in the office with a visit to Dolatpura. It was great to see Sumitraben in great spirits as she excitedly showed us some of the stoves she had built over the past year. She led Vipulbhai, Caroline, Keny, and I through different faliyas in Dolatpura that we had never visited to assess a few of the stoves. It was clear that Sumitraben was loved by the community and it was great to be exposed to more of the area. The other travellers are hoping to meet with Sumitraben a few more times before the end of the trip to have a few more great discussions with her.


Here I am pictured with Manjuben (left) and Sumitraben (center).

Later, a wedding in Barola prevented us from visiting the community but we had luckily been able to stop by the day before, allowing me ample time to see our partner Ramilaben, her son Ravi, and her neighbor Janki while also reconnecting with another Ramilaben that I had met last May.


While back in the office, we were able to make progress in solidifying communication plans with the foundation and R&D teams for the coming semester. In addition, Vidhi and Parth were able to sit with us later in the day to discuss some of our water technology prototype designs and give critical feedback. It was great to get their perspective and include them in our current design phase for water technology.


Our day in the office ended with several warm goodbyes for me from different members of Setco Foundation, R&D, and other staff members that we had gotten to know over the course of this trip. Then we headed back home for a relaxing Saturday night after another productive and exhausting week.


This has been another amazing trip and I am so grateful to have been a part of it. Being able to reconnect with so many community members and Setco employees that I have been working with over the past two years was an incredible experience and I’m so excited to see the outcome of the rest of the trip! I feel as bittersweet about leaving this trip early as Michael did as he departed Scranton.



Michael saying goodbye on his last day, not unlike me saying farewell on her last day.

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