Day 18: Pam’s Art Show vs Mumbai Art Gallery

Hey everyone, Colby here! On Wednesday we were sadly leaving Mumbai in the afternoon, but before that, we had a little more fun. In the morning, we decided to go to a little café called The Nutcracker, where we ate delicious  breakfasts even including a plate of breakfast quesadillas and pancakes! Once we were full from breakfast, we headed to the Taj Hotel: a famous hotel in Mumbai with a beautiful, luxurious exterior and interior, situated directly across from the Gateway of India. I even grabbed a nice pastry from the bakery located inside!



The menu at our yummy breakfast restaurant, The Nutcracker.



A photo of Keny’s delicious breakfast.


After our visit to the Taj Hotel, we headed to Jehangir Art Gallery. Inside, we saw many beautiful and interesting pieces of art throughout the gallery’s many rooms. We then took a taxi to the Setco Foundation Mumbai office in another district of the city and met up with Urja, Devna, and Maitreyee. It was great to be welcomed into another Setco office and even nicer to be able to say our final goodbyes to Urja before heading back to Vadodara.



A few photos of amazing street art in Mumbai!

Once we departed from the office, we stopped by a small restaurant called Swati’s Snacks for some of us to grab food on-the-go before our travel back to Vadodara and then we were off on our journey back to the guesthouse in Gujarat! We arrived at dinner time and ate a delicious dinner of maggi noodles and vegetables before everyone fell asleep very early due to our crazy yet exciting few days of travel. We ended the day feeling very grateful to have experienced such an amazing big city, spent time with Urja, interacted with students at ASB, and had such a fun time!


u50Se3a.gifOur reactions to the lovely art at the art gallery.

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