Day 19: Stress Relief

Hey everyone, Caroline here! Now that our little vacation in Mumbai is over, we have been very eager to spend this next week finishing all of our work before we head back to the United States.  We started the day with an early-ish wake up and after enjoying some jam sandwiches, we hit the road for work. The whole team easily fell asleep for the ride to the office while I blasted through levels of Candy Crush.

Since we did not have WiFi in Mumbai, we spent part of the morning posting the previous days’ blogs.  We then packed up and headed to Dolatpura to chat with Sumitraben. Since her grandson was visiting, we offered to do a baby photoshoot and they immediately changed his clothes and combed his hair for the occasion.

The team chatting with Sumitraben and her family
Sumitraben’s grandson, Vivek. (still cannot make him smile)

The team later returned to the office to go over notes and prepare for the next few days of material sourcing for the water technology project.  We headed to the canteen for a delicious lunch and Keny got to have one of her favorite after lunch snacks, dhana daar. She was thrilled and said it reminded her of childhood.

Keny at lunch

After an afternoon of office work, we headed back to the guest house to be greeted by a nice dinner of pav bhaji courtesy of Sanjay.  We all headed to our rooms to relax on our own for a bit and soak up some AC.  I was doing some work on my laptop when the power suddenly went out and had it not been for the light from my screen, I probably would have panicked.

This is what I look liked for the first 5 minutes of the power outage.

We all gathered in one room and tried to stay as cool as possible, alternating whose phone would light the room.  After a solid hour of lying down I had the brilliant suggestion (if I do say so myself) of having the boys venture out to retrieve ice cream for all of us.  Of course, as soon as they returned, we were reprieved of our sweaty states, but nonetheless enjoyed the sweet treat for the night!


Vivek and Nilesh looking cute as can be!

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