Day 21: Pretzel Day vs. Ice Cream Day

Hey everyone, Keny here! We started off the morning with some warm batata poha prepared by Sanjay. Once we were at the office, we headed out to speak with our community partners Kusumben and Divyaben in Barola and also ended up speaking with Kusumben’s son  Virendrabhai while his adorable son sat nearby (reference the photo below).

Kusumben, Virendrabhai and Yosraj (Print) (1)
Yosraj making bubbles with his grandma Kusumben and dad Virendrabhai

After our trip to Barola, Vipulbhai and Hiren were kind enough to guide us to the Halol and Kalol markets to purchase materials to bring back to the United States for our Water Tech project. We visited a few shops and were feeling extremely hot, so to cool down, Vipulbhai graciously took us out for ice cream. Caroline, Colby, and I ate a yummy chocolate ice cream bar while Gautham tried the mango bar. Our expressions of joy while eating our ice cream were not unlike Stanley’s on Pretzel Day in “The Office”. He loves pretzel day, we love ice cream!

Our faces when we were told we were getting free ice cream!

On our way back, our driver, Sabirbhai, showed us around Kalol a bit. First we saw Narmada river and a local dam that runs through a lot of Gujarat. We also stopped by to see a few baby monkeys with their mom (cute photos below).

IMG_2020 (1).JPG
Narmada River, Gujarat

IMG_2024 (1).JPG

After our fun morning adventures, we headed back to the office to get some lunch. Then Gautham and I went back to the Halol market to purchase pots and rolls of weaving material to take back to the States. Luckily, Vipulbhai lead us to the shops with the best deals and saved us a few rupees. Gautham and I then decided to go buy some Chiku (a very sweet fruit that resembles a kiwi) and Kesar mangoes, which are typically one of the most expensive and most delicious mangoes in India.

After a very productive day of material sourcing and a little bit of sightseeing, we headed back to the guesthouse. Since everyone was quite hungry, we decided to cut up some of the fresh Kesar mangoes and devour them. Dinner was like usual, but we decided to relax by heading to the movie theatre to watch “Deadpool 2”. The movie messed with my emotions too much but it was quite funny for the first half hour… then I fell asleep. Nevertheless, going to the movies in India is always an interesting experience – one man was having a full on conversation on the phone during the movie. Even better, they created an intermission right in middle of a scene to allow everyone to get snacks (Gautham and Colby didn’t appreciate this)! Once we were back at the guesthouse, we were relieved to know that we had Sunday off to relax and sleep in after such an adventurous day.


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