Day 22: Day Off Plus a Conference Call

Hey everyone, it’s Colby! We started off Sunday, first and foremost, thankful for a day of rest after our week of fun travel and hardwork. Since Gautham and I insisted on sleeping in a bit, everyone got a late start with a mid-morning breakfast of maggi.  After that, Sabirbhai, our Setco driver, kindly picked us up at noon and drove us to a bustling market to do some shopping and also look at tires for our dolley design. Although we had little success with tires, Keny and Gautham were both able to grab great gifts for family members.


Enter a caption


Above are two photos from our market adventures!

It was boiling hot at the market, so we decided after a while to drive back home. With food on our minds, we then called an Uber and drove to Inorbit, a nearby mall in Vadodara. In a predictable fashion, we headed straight for the food court and then straight for the McDonalds counter. Caroline and I enjoyed some amazing seasoned potato wedges, while Keny and I treated ourselves to Oreo McFlurries (they tasted even better than the ones in America). Soon after, Keny and Gautham ordered a large meal from Chatoree, an Indian fast food restaurant in the food court. Their meal included chat, chhole, and gobi manchurian and they were quickly stuffed!


We then drove back to the guest house and watched an extremely interesting documentary about rock climbers that both scared and inspired us. Gautham then promptly fell asleep for a few hours until dinner. After dinner we took a call with Nicole, Nisha, and Kabir from the BLIP team in order to update them on the progress we have been making in regards to our stoves project. It was a great call and we enjoyed speaking with all of them!


Image result for the office show conference call gif

We could have had this sign on our door while having our conference call


Later that night we all relaxed after a nice day off and Gautham and Keny grabbed everyone a little ice cream (we’re trying to really enjoy our last few days of amazing Indian ice cream). We then dozed off, ready for our final Monday in the office!

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