Day 23: Koi Pond

Hey guys, Caroline here for my final blog post of this trip.  We started the morning with a delicious breakfast we haven’t had before, aloo paratha. (imagine a quesadilla with potato in between!) We then headed to the office and found ourselves taking the scenic route as our driver, Sabirbhai, took us to feed fish in the Narmada river.  I was very surprised to see at least 100 giant fish splashing out the water for the bread crumbs we threw.  I was also hesitant to lean over the edge of the bridge, remembering Michael Scott’s fall into a koi pond from The Office.


After that bit of excitement in the morning, we settled in at the office and took care of some work.  We prepared for our visit to Barola to speak with a few different community members, but upon arrival we found we had just missed them.  We chatted a bit with some familiar faces, but soon Vipulbhai was urging us into the car for another adventure and assured us that we could go back to Barola on Tuesday.  We visited a beautiful temple that was very ornate inside and out. The temple also had cows nearby, so the team went to take a peak and saw a calf that had been born that morning!

Kripalu Samadhi Mandir 
Gautham (once again) admiring the cows

After our short visit to the temple, we headed back to the office for lunch and got back to work, preparing for our final presentations.  I personally think the break to absorb some culture increased our productivity, but maybe we were just playing catch-up! At the end of the day, we headed back to Vadodara, but instead of going to the guest house, we made a pit stop to check out a tire store for our water technology project. Yet again, our timing was off as the store had already closed, but it’s been great at least getting contact information for numerous shops that could help us with materials in the surrounding area.

The team headed home, hungry and tired, but we indulged in more Kesar mangoes before the usual dinner of rice, roti, daal and subji.  As the days wind down, I am eager to go home, but I will greatly miss this experience. Luckily, we had a very productive trip so we can carry on some great work during this summer and the Fall semester before the team is back again in December!


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