Day 24: Dinner Party

Hey everyone it’s Gautham here! We started our day off with some delicious pooda (savory pancake), which has really become the team’s favorite breakfast food! We then all loaded up in the car and headed off to the office. We had a fairly relaxing morning, enjoying some chai and biscuits and working on documentation.

Later in the morning, we headed into Barola for a meeting with three stove builders in the community. Our plan was to discuss our stove stencil with them and gain some valuable feedback. When we got to the community only one stove builder, Leelaben, was present.  She provided us with very valuable input about how the stencil could improve the stove building process and we were very grateful to hear her perspective. We were then about to head back to the office when we ran into Samar Bhai, Premilaben’s son who is a Mechanical Engineer in Vadodara. We had a great conversation with him about our water technology project, and we were able to discuss technology features and local materials with him!








After spending enough time in the heat, we had a quick lunch in the canteen and spent the rest of the afternoon working on various documents for our May trip report. It was a very productive afternoon in the air conditioning and we even enjoyed some delicious mango juice. While the team was working diligently, we were all excited for some fun evening plans!

Maiytree invited us to her house for some delicious Indian snacks, and in order to be polite dinner guests, we decided to bring some dessert to the party. We planned to go to a cake store in Vadodara, but Keny’s directions led us to some very random locations. It was very similar to when Michael’s poor sense of direction led him directly into a lake! We were eventually able to find a cake shop and the delicious chocolate cake we chose ended up being a hit at the party.

Michael (Keny) driving into a lake

We had a really great time at Maiytree’s house eating some vada pav (potato fritter in a bun) and pani puri (classic Mumbai street food). Vidhi even wowed us with some of her magic tricks! After everyone ate we headed over to a nearby market and grabbed some more treats including a few sodas and popsicles. We were all reminded of Michael Scott’s dinner party fiasco, but our night definitely went better than his did. It was especially nice to spend time with our office mates outside of the workplace and we will surely miss them when we’re gone!

Pam and Jim having a very awkward experience at Michael’s dinner party

That’s all from me for this May trip, it’s been real.

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