Day 25: Early Departure

Hey everyone, Keny here! We started off the morning with some delicious mango and batata poha. Once we arrived at the office, Colby and I went to Kalol with Sabirbhai to have photos printed for community members. On the way back to the car, I spotted some mangoes at the market and had to stop everyone to buy a few.

Back at the office, Colby and I joined Gautham and Caroline to speak with Parth regarding the stencil for our stoves project and the next steps for our work with he and Vidhi in R&D. Then the team continued to finish up some office work before we headed to lunch. During lunch, Hetalben was kind enough to bring us my personal favorite Gujarati dessert Shrikhand (Indian sweet dish made of strained yogurt).

Back at the office, Rajeshbhai informed us that we could all leave the office at 2:30 PM and that we would be having dinner with him, Salmaben, and a few people from the Setco Foundation team. We were all very excited to have some extra time to relax at the guest house before dinner and were excited to spend time with all of them that night.

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 10.08.16 AM.png
Michael instructing the office it’s time to go home (early) as Rajeshbhai told us

After some relaxation time in the guesthouse, we met everyone at a restaurant called Old School. We had some yummy Indian-style nachos, tandoori (various seasoned vegetables and paneer), and garlic bread for appetizers. The punjabi food was definitely very filling, but Salmaben insisted that we all go out and get some baraf na gola (shaved ice) to end the night. Caroline, Gautham, and I all got a mango flavored syrup while Colby got rose. As good as it was, I got a brain freeze (oops).

A photo of us all enjoying our delicious dinner at Old School!


Our BLIP travelers eating their sweet shaved ice treat after dinner

Back at the guest house, we all started organizing our suitcases and packing to head back to the States. After organizing our bags, Colby and I watched some late-night “New Girl” and “22 Jump Street” then we all headed to bed before our last full day in the office tomorrow. I still cannot believe how fast time has flown by during this great trip and I’m so grateful to have been here!

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