Spring Break 2019 Day 1

Hey, everyone, it’s Gautham here! The BLUElab India Project team is very excited to be back in Gujarat for an exciting week of work with the Setco Foundation! Deesha, Hannah, Jesse and I had a very exciting 36 hours of travel to India. Starting in Ann Arbor the team took a very packed Amtrak train to Chicago Union station where we were met by Hannah’s mom. She took us out for a really delicious lunch at Xoco, a Mexican restaurant by chef Rick Bayless in the city. We enjoyed some sandwiches and chips and guacamole before heading to O’Hare International Airport.

Image from iOS

After we were checked in we wandered around the International terminal in search of a neck pillow for Jesse but ended up getting lost in the duty-free stores. Once we arrived in Dubai we spent more time exploring the terminal and its stores. Hannah got some really delicious camel milk chocolate that she shared with the team!


Jesse had an interesting experience on the plane ride from Dubai to India. He was sitting next to two men from Palestine who were fascinated by his ability to speak some Arabic as well as the pictures on his camera roll. When we arrived in Ahmedabad were greeted by Deesha’s family who brought us many snacks and sim cards. The final leg of our journey was a car ride to Vadodara, and by then we were really tired so all of us fell asleep pretty fast.


We finally reached the guest house early in the morning and immediately fell asleep. But we woke up after 3 hours to get ready to head to the Setco Foundation office! We are really excited as a team for this trip and to see what we can achieve with the foundation and our partner communities. Stay tuned for more blogs this week!


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