Spring Break 2019 Day 2

Hi. This is Deesha. Today is Day 2! Yesterday was Shivratri, a Hindu holiday celebrating the god of destruction, Shiva (who, according to my dad, is the cool god), so when we got to the office in the morning it was mostly empty. After we ate a Gujarati lunch of roti, dal, and vegetables, people began to trickle in. We were introduced to everyone at the office and then we walked them through our plan for this week. After that, Urja & friends presented to us and the CSED team, Ann and Charlie, about what the Setco Foundation is all about. I thought the initiatives they have in place for healthcare are really cool. It’s not something we knew about before. The team also presented our plan for the week to the Setco Foundation. We were pretty tired when we got back to our apartment and took naps. Then, we got dinner with my aunt Krimali who lives in Baroda. We went to a restaurant called Pepperazzi that was American diner-themed and played covers of songs from 2013 that all happened to be by the same person. The menu was 10 pages long and had everything from pizza to Thai food. After dinner we were so tired, we crashed as soon as we got back. But now we are finally well-rested and have a really exciting day planned! Today we are going to check the progress on the water transport device and doing stoves interviews. Yay! 


Us at Pepperazzi (the kid next to Jesse is my cousin)


Baroda at night

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