Spring Break 2019 Day 3

Hi guys, this is Jesse! Day 3 shaped up to be a very exciting eventful day!

We began by meeting with the plumber who is in the process of constructing our water transportation device. Unfortunately, neither four-way joints or three-way corner joints are manufactured in the area around Baroda. Because of this, the plumber turned T-joints into four-way joints by drilling through them and used them as a substitute. While this will work great for testing purposes, it is important that we revise our design to only use available materials. On that same note, our rubber wheel is not accessible, so a hard plastic wheel will now be used.


Our next plan was to meet with our water partners, Kusumben and Ramelaben. Sadly, we arrived to find a funeral occurring, so we decided to come back tomorrow. We moved on to visit two stove partners instead: Shakuntalaben and Nanduben. It was great to see how well stove project has taken root, as we are now approaching 1,000 stoves constructed! We interviewed the stove partners to validate the stove design. We found that the stoves reduced the smoke people inhaled significantly, decreased the amount of fuel needed, and decreased the amount of time spent cooking! Additionally, Nanduben has built 30 stoves and trained others to build stoves as well. The stove project has allowed her, and other women, to bring in income for their family (each stove constructed earns the women 100 rupees).


At our final stove visit, we were visited by Charlie and Ann along with three students from GSFC. The students will be interning with SETCO over the summer and were interested in a potential partnership with BLUElab. We met with the students and discussed the possibility of working together. Both groups thought it would be a good idea for the students to begin by working with us to learn about the process of socially engaged design, and we agreed that they should start their own project after gaining experience. After meeting the students, we took a tour of the SETCO factory and learned about how their clutches are manufactured.


After a long day of work, Urja treated us and SETCO employees to dinner at Mirchi Masala. It was a great experience to get to know some of the people we are working with, not to mention that the food was phenomenal!


Finally, we headed back to our apartment and hung out as a team. We went up to our building’s terrace and saw an awesome view of the city. The night ended with some Bananagrams and Uno before the effects of jetlag set in and we all went to sleep.

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