About the Project

The BLUElab India Project (BLIP) is a multidisciplinary student organization at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor dedicated to co-designing  sustainable, appropriate technology with a small agricultural community called Dolatpura near Kalol in Gujarat, India.

BLIP focuses on two problems discovered through a May 2014 needs assessment: excessive smoke from cookstoves and lack of usable toilets.

While BLUElab India Project is an organization affiliated with the College of Engineering, members are also drawn from multiple schools including the College of Literature, Science and the Arts and the School of Art and Design. BLUElab India is part of the umbrella organization, BLUElab , which has project teams working all over the world that are dedicated to co-designing sustainable solutions.

3 thoughts on “About the Project”

  1. Great job Blue Lab India Team!

    Wish you all the best to create a sustainable Product that the local people can use and benefit from and spread the methods to the other villages. Make the best use of this great opportunity to create a ‘win-win’ and Go for it:-) . Come back with the satisfaction of a job well done and make UM proud of the Blue Lab India Team.

    A big Thank You to the Sponsors (Setco, Dow etc)


    Minesh and Dipti Patel


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