Meet the Team


Shilpen Patel
I am one of the Stoves Sub-Team Co-Leads, I traveled on the May 2015 team and am one of the Gujarati translators on the team. I am pursuing a major in Mechanical Engineering. I joined BLUElab India in Fall 2014. I enjoy watching soccer, football, and hockey as well as going to Tampa Bay Lightning games.

Sarah Rogers
I joined BLUElab India in the Fall of 2014, and I’m now one of the Stoves Sub-Team Co-leads. I joined the team because of my passion for the environment, helping others, and learning about other cultures. Outside of BLUElab, I spend my time keeping up with my Mechanical Engineering classes and ballroom dancing.

Sai Bolla
I joined the team in Fall 2014 and I’m now one of the BLUElab India Project Co-Leaders. I was born in Bhimavaram, India but moved to Grand Rapids when I was three. I am fluent in Telegu but unfortunately that isn’t very helpful in Gujarat. Hopefully a year of Hindi class will add to my ability to communicate with our partners, though!

Haresh Patel

I joined the team in Fall 2014, and I am now the secretary of the team as well as a general member of stoves.  I was born in the Chicago area, but I grew up in Northern Michigan.  I am pursuing a major in Biomedical Engineering and plan to graduate April 2016.  Outside of BLUElab, I enjoy doing Kendo (japenese sword fighting) as well as keeping up with current events across the world.

Anjali Balani

Div Shah

Estelle Feider-Blazer

Kaylla Cantilina

Luke Westrate


Garima Gupta
I was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, but grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. I know some Hindi, Spanish, and a little bit of Korean. I have enjoyed being one of the co-leads for the toilet sub-team this year. I also loves all forms of dancing, especially ballet.

Rushil Bakhshi
I joined the team as a Sophomore and I’ve been part of the Toilets team since and I am the co-leader for the subteam! I was born in New Delhi, India and I grew up in the ripe, beautiful city of Chicago. I speak Hindi, Kashmiri, Spanish, and of course English. As I’m from the best sports city in the nation, I love cheering on the Bears and Bulls! In addition, I enjoy playing sports, listening to all types of music (Bollywood is amazing), and hanging out with friends!

Rachel Ross
I joined BLUElab India at the beginning of my freshman year (fall 2013) and it has become a huge part of my life! It’s been so cool to be a part of this dynamic group and see our project mature and develop and also make awesome friends along the way. Outside of BLUElab and school, I’m very interested in research.

Natasha Desai
I joined BlueLab India Project this year during the start of fall semester. I am really excited to get involved and work on real world problems. I also understand Gujarati and can speak it at an intermediate level so I can’t wait to contribute this skill to the team. I enjoy working with teams and making a difference in the lives of others.

Mira Shah
I am a Freshman in LSA planning to study Computer Science. I’m from Singapore and speak Chinese and English. Hobbies include watching TV, playing badminton and practicing Muay Thai.

Praneet Gogireddy
I joined the team in the Fall of 2015. I was born in Hyderabad, India, but I moved to the USA when I was 2 years old. I’m an industrial operations engineering major. I like to play sports and video games.

Elena Stefanko
I’m from Brighton, Michigan and my love of travel and other cultures stems from my desire to explore the world outside of the Brighton Bubble. I love rock climbing, comedies, cats, music, and sports, especially hockey.

Dominic Xavier

Naveen Jasti

Romaer Chopra

Rohil Hakim


Neal Dev
Hi I’m Neal! I’m the current Culture lead for BLUElab India and I speak Gujarati. I’m interested in nuclear energy and renewable energy, which is why I enjoy working on BLUElab India. In my free time I enjoy playing basketball.

Brad Wintersteen


Diksha Manglani

Riya Ahuja

Funding and Marketing

Rueshub Patel

Brad Wintersteen

Tom Veraart

Natasha Desai

Diksha Manglani

Naveen Jasti

Riya Ahuja

Romaer Chopra

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