Our Alumni: Where are They Now?

Mitchell “Borchers” Borchers (Traveled 2014), straight out of Grand Haven, Michigan, was our adventurous, well-traveled, Stove Co-Leader. He joined the team in September 2013, and brought a spontaneous spirit to the group. He is still the sole aerospace engineering major that the team has had onboard. A four-time marathoner, Mitch loves trail running, and makes some seriously impressive Gouda-infused scrambled eggs. He has lived or traveled in Mexico, Puerto Rico, (now) India, and France. He even speaks a little Spanish. He is well versed in intercultural communication, having been known to yell “Julab!” in relevant situations.

Zoha “I love golas more than Toyota” Momin (Traveled 2014-15) was the Co-Lead for Toilet and Septic Tanks, and her concentration was in Economics. Zoha was born in Patan, Gujarat but lived in Mumbai until she was four years old. She lived for a while in Toronto, Canada, and then in the fifth grade moved to Houston, Texas. Zoha joined BLUElab because of her passion for economic development; she loves India and wants to use her expertise to promote growth around the world. Zoha speaks Gujarati, Hindi, English, and some Spanish. Zoha has an affinity for fashion which she used to dress our fabulous past co-leader, Erica, and sometimes threw her dumbells down the guesthouse’s four flight balcony while working out every morning. Zoha also has a superpower-like sense of empathy, and can easily pick up on others’ moods.

Brianna “Biryana” LaBelle-Hahn (Traveled 2014), a material science engineering major at the University of Michigan, enjoys reading and writing on a daily basis. As the secretary and lead for water testing, Brianna joined BLUElab India in 2013 as the lead of the Storage Team. Brianna speaks Hindi and enjoys delicious Indian food. Furthermore, she loves baking and cooking Indian food, especially samosas. Her favorite Indian dish is masala dosa. After she finished her work in India, she continued her 2014 summer abroad in South Korea. Now, Brianna is completing graduate courses at the University of Michigan to finish up her scholastic career.

Mike McGahren-Clemens (Traveled 2014), a Chemical Engineering major hailing from Eastchester, NY, joined the team at its onset in 2013 and traveled with the team during the May 2014 needs assessment. Mike is an avid runner, hiker, and coffee drinker, with a side passion of cooking the perfect bowl of oatmeal. Graduating in December 2015, he’ll be taking a few months off to travel before starting work at BASF in 2016.

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